Special seminars

Business Portfolio – Your Number 1 Business Tool

Based on our long year experience and know how we can show you a wide range of beauty editorials portfolios of photo shootings so you can see examples on how you can create your own. We will advice you on where you can buy your Book, how you can choose your photos, how you can place them and how you can assemble it. The immediate creation of your own portfolio will assist you in your first steps and through out your professional course.


Network & Communication Seminars

To make professional contacts as a Make Up Artist is every thing and if you want to succeed in this industry you must be the best in this. We know that as a young student it is hard to be properly directed. How you find photographers & models for this so important portfolio; This is where interfere and we help you create your own contacts and clientele in various ways. Once you complete this comprehensive evening course will have more confidence in your new career but also you will leave with a good list of contacts that we have created for you to help you in your journey

Behavior Seminars

Many students fail because they do not understand the behavior requirements in this industry. We will teach you step by step how to treat and to present yourself while working in this industry. Our guest speaker will be a person, who works in the field and in the entertainment industry, whom will guide you in your behavior while working backstage as a make up artist or as an assistant.



We provide to you along with Make Me Up specialized team seminars – presentations on new trends and techniques each season. Once you complete this Make up classic seminars you can watch all presentations of Make Me Up Cosmetics.